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Fiber Plus, LLC a privately held company is focused on providing high value functional fibers that meet the customer’s needs.

With many years of experience in dietary fiber and bran manufacturing we strive to fill our customer's needs as a quality fiber ingredient product provider.

  • Kosher OU
  • Organic Certified by QAI
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP)
  • AIB Inspected Superior Rating


Healthy, organic, quality fiber ingredients.

Whether it's using one of our standard fibers or a custom product specially produced to meet your needs, Fiber Plus is your source for quality fiber food ingredients.

Find out more about what Fiber Plus can do for you. Contact us today about our fiber and bran ingredients, contract manufacturing and contract grinding service.

The best ingredients start from the source.
Fiber Plus, LLC, your source for quality fiber and bran!



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